Transform Personal Talents into Small Businesses

Transform Personal Talents into Small Businesses: Tips for Promoting Unique Skills for Small Profits

Whether it’s the party-throwing skills that put together a blockbuster Christmas bash or the back-breaking gardening skills learned in grandma’s backyard, find a purpose for talents abandoned for real employment opportunities. A reputation among friends and family for a special skill may be more than just bragging; sometimes it may signal a gift worth a small or occasional profit.

A few simple tips below can help utilize or promote a special skill in the form of a business or promote the money-making side of a talent. From small items like order slips to big efforts like self-promotions and business stands, find an outlet that best showcases a skill and increases the chance for business success.

Promoting Small Business with Parties

What better way to showcase a special talent than with a party? While it sounds slightly silly, convincing friends and neighbors than a talent is worth paying for takes time and effort. Organize a party that entertains guests while displaying the business idea front and center.

Kick off a landscaping business with a “lawn party” that shows off elaborate landscaping skills for free in a volunteer’s yard, complete with a few hands-on training techniques. As a kids party coordinator, host a “party” party that lets potential clients sample a variety of potential party themes, from decorations and games to music and snacks.

Keep the money investment in the party to a minimum, but make the best effort to showcase the business concept in its best light. If nothing else, the party will be a good time for the host and guests even if the business doesn’t fly.

Advertising Small Business

Advertising is one of the most expensive and important aspects of starting a business. Rather than suck any business funds dry, try using personal and offbeat means of advertising to promote a small business, especially a part-time venture based on personal skills.

Cheap t-shirts with creative iron-on logos are a great means of promotion; pass them out for free or wear a thought-provoking version to self-advertise in public. Be a shameless promoter for the business, printing off flyers to post (where legal) in neighborhoods and business bulletin boards; consider offering a service partially or wholly free to a potential client capable of recommending the business to others.

Heck, you can even do what Roger Mitchell did and blast messages out your car window as you’re driving through a downtown area on a busy day. Sounds crazy, but it worked well! If you’re thinking about doing this, I suggest theĀ Yamaha HS8 Review here. Loud and proud!

Promoting Personal Skills

Personally designed order slips for handicrafts, artistic projects, or creative designs are a great way to promote a small business and make personal skills accessible to potential clients. Pass them out or carry them along with business literature, so clients can easily make contact with requests. A prompt response to work out order and payment details using the information on the slip, makes a professional impression on customers.

Since personal or small businesses are always a risk, weigh carefully the consequences of taking on any debt, such as expensive business equipment or investing in advertising, stationary, and other costly features. Remember to have fun with any business venture, regardless of its outcome.