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Sample Forms for Small Business Bookkeeping: Free Accounting Templates vs. Business Budgeting Software

Many business owners believe that it is necessary to find accounting software in order to perform small business bookkeeping functions. Free accounting templates, such as accounting ledger templates and access databases, allow small business owners to perform accounting functions without expensive software purchases. This reduces expenses as well as training time, due to the level of complexity found in many types of business budgeting software.

An Accounting Ledger Template

Using an accounting ledger template allows entrepreneurs to keep track of small business bookkeeping information. A free general ledger template can be easily downloaded to a computer running Microsoft Excel, or any later version. The template can be used by opening the file with Microsoft Excel, and allows a small business to keep their books without additional expense, or extensive training. Once the accounting ledger template has been opened, information regarding transactions can simply be plugged into the appropriate cell in the pre-made worksheet.

Accounting General Ledger Purpose

In accounting, a general ledger is a vital document for businesses, and consolidates all information found in other accounting documents, including accounts receivables. Also known as a nominal ledger, this allows a business to track revenue and expenses, as well as assets and liabilities and all other vital information. In order for the general ledger to perform its function correctly, all information must be entered, or posted, into collateral documents correctly, and in a timely fashion. Using an accounting ledger template to keep track of general ledger information ensures that this process is error-free, and up-to-date.

Business Budgeting Software Alternatives

Business budgeting software is often expensive. An accounting ledger database, such as this Microsoft Access database, can also be extremely useful as an alternative to business budgeting software, such as Quickbooks. In order to use this database, the destination computer must be running Microsoft Access, version 2003 or later. Users can download the file for free, and customize the information to reflect the needs of specific businesses. This database allows business owners to enter information about transactions, including the date of the transaction, a description, and the amount of the withdrawal.

Accounting Templates for Small Business Bookkeeping

Small business book keeping can be difficult, due to the challenges of learning new types of software, and expensive, due to the costs associated with most kinds of business accounting software. Using accounting templates, such as a Free Travel Expense Report Template, or a Free Time Sheet Template, which can be downloaded via the Internet, allows business owners to keep track of their finances without excessive cost or training. Even Time Tracking Business Software can be bypassed with the use of timecard templates.